"Kiely's Sugar & Spice Lollipops" Invitations & Decor

T H E  V I S I O N:

This event was all about my Little Miss Kiely! She has been one of the sweetest gifts to enter my life... she is definitely "Sugar, Spice & Everything Nice!" This theme was very fitting for her 3rd Birthday Celebration.


T H E   I N V I T A T I O N:

Each invitation was unique from the other. This design featured 9" tall lollipop inspired invitations. Each one individually handcrafted of a "sweet" cardstock, adorned with glitter, color, a numer "3" tag & paper straws as the lollipop stick.


Each lollipop covered in plastic secured with ribbon to imulate a large lollipop!



C O O R D I N A T I N G   D E C O R   E X T R A S:

Full Sugar & Spice "Candy, Sweets, Treats Buffet" |  Custom Centerpieces  |  Custom Birthday Banner | Popcorn Station


I absolutely enjoyed designing for this event!

It was so fitting & approriate to for the birthday girl.